About Me

Last updated Jun 1, 2017 by Liggysmalls

Being a nerd who grew up in the 1980s & 1990s you might think my childhood to be scattered with stories of playing with my computers. The reality is my interaction with computers was almost non-existent until I was out of high school. When I had my very own computer in front of me for the first time it started set in; a feeling of comfort and enjoyment that would evolve to become the basis of my career.

Don't get me wrong, I knew about computers; I at least knew computers existed and could play games. My cousin and best friend had a TRS-80 which I played many games on through my childhood, I have very fond memories of Downland in particular. There was some form of IBM compatible in the back of my 6th grade classroom which would from time to time would be shared among the students to play games.

In the 7th grade we were required to take a computer course which did little to enlighten a borderline teenage boy with other things on his mind. I do remember enjoying the class, our school had a brand new fleet of IBM PS/2 systems and each student was able to have a dedicated system during the hands on portion of each period. My memory of that time has faded though I do remember using some basic word processing applications, learning Logo and playing Battle Chess.

That 7th grade computer class would be the only offering my school district would provide with any focus on computers. Around this time my father would purchase his own computer, I recall this system to be a Packard Bell 486 running Windows 3.1 though I don't know much more about it. My parents were split so I would only visit dad on the weekends and our time together was spent doing more father and son type activities. His computer sat in my room and put me to sleep every Friday night with it's gentle hum and the iconic After Dark screensaver endlessly looping across what I remember to be a 15" display.