PowerPC Challenge: Day One

Posted Jul 2, 2017 by Liggysmalls

It's just about one in the morning on July 2, 2017. My first day of the PowerPC Challenge has come to an end so I figured I was due to make at least a short blog post.

Being Saturday on a holiday weekend I didn't have too much going on, computing was at an all time low in my house today. Between sleeping in entirely too late and the excitement of my wife's home improvement projects all I managed to do was a little web browsing and of course, writing this post. As I mentioned in my last post all of my blogging is now being conducted on my Power Macintosh G4 running Mac OS 9.2.2 and it's working great so far. I have been using BBEdit to author my Markdown without issues, it even has a perfectly great spell check feature.

My primary machine for this week, a Power Macintosh G5 running Linux has been performing flawlessly so far. The system is responsive and reasonably quick for it's age and specifications. I do notice the reduction in speed while browsing but I don't personally find it distracting or in any way annoying to deal with. Opening applications does take a bit more time but again, it's not really long enough to be distracting at all. At this point I have yet to feel any significant pain, we will have to see what tomorrow holds.

Day one in the books, hopefully I will have a chance to do some real work tomorrow!