PowerPC Challenge: Day Three

Posted Jul 4, 2017 by Liggysmalls

There is a small part of me that wishes I was having a harder time with the PowerPC Challenge, it's starting to feel like business as usual. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome that I don't seem to have issues adjusting to a much slower system in general but I thought it would be a more interesting story to tell. Day three was for lack of a better word; boring.

Today was a quiet version of my average work day, I performed all the same computing tasks which I would normally with the exception of maybe a half dozen emails. The Power Macintosh G5 remained quick and responsive for most of my chores and only adds a small amount of additional latency to a small amount of tasks. The only time I find myself noticing this latency is in Firefox, I may experiment with a few alternative lightweight browsers to see if there is a better option. I have tried a few alternatives over the years but nothing that really jumped out at me, it's a good time for another look.

I wish I had more to say for day three, it went so smooth I found myself not even noticing the changes at times. Hopefully with some additional testing and tweaking we can make that even better.