PowerPC Challenge: The Conclusion

Posted Jul 9, 2017 by Liggysmalls

Well, I don't know how else to say it... I failed. While The PowerPC Challenge was an awesome time and I feel as though I was able to complete the challenge with virtually no impact on my day to day life I didn't manage to update this blog nearly as often as I really would have liked. My failure in this regard in some ways acts to bolster my successes in the challenge itself, some redemption if minor at best.

With the July 4th holiday weekend kicking things off the early part of my week was a little slower than normal and then it wasn't. Wednesday morning began with a flurry of email as other people returned from their mini-vacations, meetings followed and development timelines rocketed forward. I quickly found myself waist deep in work having to clack away late into the night every single day. Working as the lead developer on a project which was recently put on the fast track, code production was at the top of my list for the remaining portion of the week and my Power Macintosh G5 running Linux was absolutely up to the task.

When I am focused heavily on these types of tasks the slight slowness present in the PowerPC G5 isn't nearly as noticeable, my development environment is so light that everything just works as it should and stays out of my way. Anxious to make up some time I worked late into Saturday and didn't even remember the challenge was over until Sunday afternoon. I was almost sad to see the G5 power down as I moved back over to my primary system as it really did shine this week. This is a testament to just how powerful this system was when it was first launched, honestly a fantastic machine which was well built and engineered for performance.

So, can one survive with a PowerPC system for an entire week? Absolutely, it's not too hard at all!

Can I handle working long hours and still make the time to update my blog? Absolutely not, no way, nope!