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When I decided to start a little blog to keep a bit of a journal for my adventures in playing with old computer systems my first thought was to simply install Wordpress like every other blog. The idea of Wordpress really rubbed me the wrong way for this project. Don't get me wrong here, I really like Wordpress and I think it's a great platform for many applications but not this. I was really craving something simple, something that would be easier to keep simple so that it could be viewed from older systems reasonably well yet still be easy to update and maintain.

After looking around at the vast number of content management systems out there I stumbled upon what sounded like the perfect tool for the job, a little project called Pico. The concept was exactly what I was looking for, a CMS that uses Markdown files for your content and runs on just about any server with PHP. Maintaining this site is as easy as managing a folder full of text files, there is no fancy database to contend with. Pico uses Twig to dictate the layout and look of every page making it really simple to create a decent looking site that's more friendly to older browsers when compared to your average Wordpress theme.

Keeping with the general theme of simplicity this site employs as little JavaScript as possible. I have done my best to keep the pages clean and small to keep it quick, no outside resources are required like Google Fonts or Google Analytics. You won't be seeing any fancy "Share this on Facebook" buttons or the like with fancy graphics and animations here. All of these elements represent a significant amount of bloat, require client side processing and tend to violate the privacy of the visitors to various degrees. This just isn't something I am interested in.

Overall I hope you enjoy this site and the consideration that has gone in to creating it, I always welcome feedback so please feel free to drop me a line using the links in the footer of every page.